Interview: Meet Todd Harris, new CEO of WWSEF

We’ll start off with the big question — What do you see in NASEF that made you want to get involved?

Have you had an opportunity to make that connection with your previous work?

Sounds a lot like Miyamoto making baseball games on his calculator when he was growing up.

I know you have a ton of experience in gaming, so what are some of the skills you’re going to bring to WWSEF that will help it continue to grow and expand its reach?

We’ve seen how esports has changed education with NASEF so far, how do you see it changing education and our daily lives in the future?

We see different education standards around the world, how is WWSEF going to tackle that challenge and bring NASEF’s mission to the world stage?

Now for a few easy questions to finish out the interview: What do you love most about video games and esports?

NASEF is very easy to say, so how will we pronounce WWSEF?

Final words as we begin this transition from North America to worldwide?



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